About Me

Thanks for visiting my site. I'm currently Professor of Chemistry at the United States Coast Guard Academy, where I teach Chemistry, Toxicology, and several other courses. I also run a research laboratory with two focuses: 1) The role of metabolism in regulating insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells of the islets of Langerhans, and 2) the mechanism of action of toxicity of vesicants (blistering agents) like mustard gas. I'm particularly interested in how cellular metabolism is affected by exposure to toxicants in both model systems. See my publication list for more information on what I do in the laboratory.

In addition to teaching at the U. S. Coast Guard Academy, I also maintain several websites on the internet for fun and profit. My first website was an outline I used throughout graduate school to document all possible references on peroxisome prolfierator-activated receptor alpha (PPARalpha). While still available online, it hasn't been updated in years. However, it continues to receive a large number of hits. [link]

After completing my undergraduate degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, I stayed at Penn State to work with Jack Vanden Heuvel, an expert in polymerase chain reaction and a Professor in Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University microbestshop.com. As a graduate student, I learned the real time PCR technique which has since become the gold standard for PCR. I developed a training website for real time PCR as a postdoc in part to help train others in the laboratory and for use in conjunction with teaching at Lehigh University. [link]

For my post-doc, I worked in the laboratory of Jeffrey D. Laskin at Rutgers University/UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, in the Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences Institute. While there, I was part of a successful center grant application to look at medical treatments for vesicants, or blistering agents, including mustard gas. I was appointed as co-Director of Education for the CounterACT Research Center of Excellence at UMDNJ-Rutgers University, and developed a website to highlight the progress of the center together with Jeffrey Laskin. Perhaps the best feature of this site is the reference library which is the accumulated references of ALL of the literature on sulfur mustard, including many references not available on PubMed.

For personal projects, I've developed a restaurant website for my cousin's pizza shop, Cerino's pizza.

I now act as Webmaster for the Boston Ithaca Islet Club, a regional scientific society that studies islets of Langerhans, the organs within your pancreas that secrete insulin. I also designed the website for the University Center for Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response.

If you would like a quote for the design of your own website, please contact me. I specialize in scientific sites and aid with content generation as well as simple site design and have created a few sites for commercial purposes as well.